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Lars Kristopher Larson is an American conservative talk radio show host based in Portland, Oregon. Larson worked in television and radio news from the 1970s to 1990s and has hosted The Lars Larson Show from flagship station KXL in Portland since 1997.
Born: March 6, 1959
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Education: University of Oregon

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That's the point, Maggie. CBS is accurately noting that the only *actual* news in the New York Times book is that Leland Keyser is on the record saying her friend's story made no sense, and that she was pressured to change her story. (We first reported this in our July book, FYI)

Note that even though media outlets are giving lip service of disappointment in the NYT failed smear attempt on Kavanaugh, they are running with the next phase of the operation -- story after story suggesting impeachment is in any way legitimate. The corruption is industry-wide.

Father of Parkland shooting victim: 'Guns didn’t kill my daughter, Democratic policies did'
#2A @NRA @Everytown #guncontrol #schoolsecurity #schoolsafety #GunControlNow @AndrewPollackFL

Sketchy AF –> Why OH WHY would Ilhan Omar delete an innocent Father’s Day tweet from 2013? (hint: her brother)

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