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Tonight's Jim Bohannon Show" Andrew McCarthy on the real 2016 collusion. A look at the liberal view of flyover country, and a reply. And what forgiving 646 billion in student debt could do to break the piggy bank.

Tonight's Jim Bohannon Show: Forensic investigator Daniel Storm on the firing of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo. Harry Margolis says to boomers, "Get Your Ducks in a Row". And Brian Rosenwald talks of "Talk Radio's America". Plus, the problem with Mondays. 1-866-50-JIMBO

How tragically ironic that this group calls itself ANTIFA, meaning anti-fascist. There is no more fascistic group in this country, & any surviving Hitler brown shirt would recognize their tactics. Unfortunately, ANTIFA members are too stupid to even understand the reference.

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