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Hugh Hewitt is an American radio talk show host with the Salem Radio Network and a lawyer, academic, and author.
Born: February 22, 1956
Birthplace: Warren, Ohio
Education: Harvard University, University of Michigan Law Scholl

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This is wild. You think 2018 was bad? Just be thankful you didn't live through 536.

Except that history didn’t end, the “peace dividend” was false, and the new threat was already forming in the PRC, not a “near-peer” competitor but a competitor, while the evil of jihadism required a rapid response. Many conservatives and neoconservatives never lost the thread.

Shadi Hamid@shadihamid

This @nytdavidbrooks piece makes a number of interesting points, including one that doesn't get much attention: The failure of neoconservatism deprived conservatism of a moral cause

Next Monday, join @HumanEcologyCUA for the first #HealingTheBreach session on the media's role in framing the public’s understanding of the Church sexual abuse crisis w/@DouthatNYT, @ebruenig, @jdflynn, and @cwwhite212 at 4 p.m. on campus or via Livestream

Any way to track the number of pianos sold worldwide yesterday?

When you’re talking to Martha McSally for a story — and you run into the former VP (& the new House GOP No. 3)

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