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Hugh Hewitt is an American radio talk show host with the Salem Radio Network and a lawyer, academic, and author.
Born: February 22, 1956
Birthplace: Warren, Ohio
Education: Harvard University, University of Michigan Law Scholl

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“As this debate has dragged on, and deployment of warrant-proof encryption has accelerated, our ability to protect the public from criminal threats is rapidly deteriorating.”

Trump Administration is launching a new push to address “going dark” and encryption. Enlisting international and state/local partners to address it while engaging with tech industry, according to u.s. nat sec official. Barr addressing “Going Dark” in speech at Fordham Law 1/x

TFW your young and talented associate producer, aka #GentleBen, tells you and @radioblogger that he has no idea what “the B side” is. (BTW: Best “B side” in a quick review is #Beatles “Revolution 9” on flip of “Hey Jude.” #BestBSide)

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