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Rod Blagojevich comes out of prison and declares the prison system racist and unjust. I believe in rehabilitation but I mean, THIS GUY? He was pretty brazen about his criminality on tape actually selling the Golden Ticket. Thoughts?

Due to a technical issue my Newsmax TV show will NOT be live today, we will be back tomorrow. Sorry for the delay in transition! Listen to my show later today starting at 3p Eastern on @WBTradio

OMG y’all I can’t breathe!!!! I’m finally free 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @realDonaldTrump did it!!!

Barack Obama had a pen and a phone, and accused then candidate Trump of waving a mythical magic wand to bring back jobs...all the POTUS has is the end @realDonaldTrump that is what matters, the numbers....@wbtradio

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