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Buck Sexton is a conservative American radio host, political commentator, author, and former intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. (Wikipedia)
Born: December 28, 1981
Education: Amherst College
Books: Occupy: American Spring, The Making of a Revolution

Internet allowed us to see that journos weren’t showing all sides of the story, and were cherry picking stories for liberal narratives-

But Twitter has really been an invitation for most “objective” journos to light their credibility on fire, without anyone else doing a thing

Important reminder this weekend:

Nobody is safe from the social justice mob. Nobody.

Doesn’t matter if you stay off social media, keep to yourself, and don’t care about politics.

They will come for your spouse, or your kids, and mock them online until they are destroyed.

What hateful taunts, Senator? Can you quote the exact hateful words that were said to him? The video literally just shows a kid looking at him. Where do the hateful words and taunts come in? Or are you slandering innocent kids for no reason?

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