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Buck Sexton is a conservative American radio host, political commentator, author, and former intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. (Wikipedia)
Born: December 28, 1981
Education: Amherst College
Books: Occupy: American Spring, The Making of a Revolution


My next apartment lease signing:

“I accept your offer. Where do I sign? Also, here’s my addendum page demanding lower rent, shorter lease term, and that you will install a jacuzzi for free.”

Landlord: “but that’s not...”

Me: “I *ACCEPTED* your offer, didn’t I?”

She could have protected the alleged victim & still mention the allegation without using her name. Congress has been protecting whistleblowers for years. There were many opportunities while not using Dr. Ford’s name. The Democrats were the only ones who had it. And it leaked.

Hey, Mitch McConnell! Here's OUR deadline: Confirm this fine judge by sundown Monday or we're not voting Republican this fall. #WhatsThePoint #MinorityLeaderMcConnell

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