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Big Show Tonight! We are joined by @SenSasse on his fight against Anti-Catholic bigotry Plus: Debate Time with @CharlesHurt & @TheJuanWilliams

Halfway through the work week! #bensonandharf will be joined tonight by @JonahNRO talking #SyriaWithdrawal @AndrewCMcCarthy talking #russia & @KyleKashuv talking @ScottJIsrael suspension.

WATCH: @SandraSmithFox got reaction from @guypbenson after @SpeakerPelosi urges President Trump to delay the State of the Union address amid shutdown battle #nine2noon

Make sure to listen to this great interview with @RadioFreeTom who thinks @POTUS seems genuinely afraid of #Putin

Breaking! @theresa_may #BrexitDeal is crushed! @tomhfh joined the show LIVE from London to give us the latest.

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