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If you enjoy the Grammys show, cool. But the whole ⁦@RecordingAcad⁩ thing is and has always been utterly bankrupt and stupid. Old industry heavyweights deciding what they want to promote. Creative merit? That’s hilarious. JG

Any rejection of Obama’s policies = racism, remember? And Dem’s began with a diverse field. Heck, ⁦@nytimes⁩ just endorsed TWO women. So the only logical takeaway from this story is that Democrats are racists. And misogynists, to boot! So ugly... JG

I haven't met a single sentient person in real life in the past week who's even so much as mentioned impeachment, even in passing, or even to make fun of the supposed obsession with it. And the people I spend time with are precisely those odd people who might be compelled to care

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