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With years of financial experience that includes being the founding partner of his own investment management firm, popular syndicated radio talk show host, Tom Sullivan brings his portfolio of financial knowledge to television. He tackles current economic questions and issues, bringing in expert guests to join in the discussions. Topics up for debate include foreclosure, debt, economic growth, and the market


It’s hard to underscore how dangerous it is for the president — amid a raging pandemic — to use the most powerful communication megaphone in the world to say scientists and doctors are nearly all politically motivated liars.

@kevinborregaard @sullivanradio @jaitai0609 @jamesfishn @cgconstmx Don't you know that conservatives and evangelicals by enlarge do not talk to pollsters? Their views are not represented in polls--that's what happened to Hillary.

@Tim95276224 @sullivanradio Tom all I know is traffic back to normal in placer county so I think though not perfect people are working again moving on from the 90 day lockdown! Life is risk the minute we drive our car everyday, time to work! To much at risk to lose!

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