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Seth Leibsohn is a conservative talk show host and author. He is also a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and was the producer for Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, a syndicated talk show in the 2000s.
Born: November 17, 1967


DeSean Jackson trying to quote Hitler:

—Media silence
—Players defend him
—NFL silent
—No apology

Drew Brees stands up for the American Flag:

—Media outraged
—Players attack him
—NFL condemns him
—Forced to repeatedly apologize

See the double standard here?


@InezFeltscher @IWF joins @SethLeibsohn to discuss her @theammind piece, "What Will Become Of Our Schools?"

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Tme to re-up, this gem from WFB, JR on his use of "different" words: "He struck some really, sure-enough bizarre chords, but you know, it never would have occurred to me to walk over and say, Thelonious, I am not familiar with that chord you just played. So cut it out please."

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