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The Michael Medved Show

Ep. 359 - Guest: ⁦@GlennLoury⁩

Okay, I know: just having females & people of color participating in Constitution-drafting wouldn't have been enough (in 1787) is there were still the unconscionable exclusion of all the highly qualified gay and trans citizens of colonial America.

Shocking news: all 39 signers of the #Constitution were (horrors) white males! If this makes origins of our Republic "dubious", how many females & people of color should have been signatories, to make US legit? If white males were still a majority,would that still be problematic?

"Defund the Police! Pay Reparations! Destroy Statues of Washington & Jefferson." If @JoeBiden says "no" to these 3 demands of the angry left, he could lose enough fringe votes to cost him the presidency. But if he says "yes" (or "maybe"), he'll lose the center-and the election.

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