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I'm heading to #CPAC2018 tomorrow... Be sure to come by the show live at 9pm #Hannity

Mueller’s indictment accused Russians of organizing pro and anti-Trump rallies on the same day… @JesseBWatters and @JessicaTarlov will face off next #Hannity

Tonight we're holding President Obama accountable for all of his failures on Russia… @larryelder and @GeraldoRivera are next #Hannity

.@TomFitton and @SebGorka are next with reaction to my opening monologue and today’s breaking news #Hannity

Tonight on #Hannity I will be joined by @SaraCarterDC, David Schoen, @GreggJarrett, @TomFitton, @larryelder, @SebGorka, @GeraldoRivera, @JesseBWatters, @JessicaTarlov and more!

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