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Yes, it's ridiculous to rank #Trump as our #WorstPresidentEver after just 1 yr in office...but even more absurd to list #WilliamHenryHarrison as 3rd from the bottom when he served as POTUS just 30 days-most of them when he was dying from pneumonia! How did he hurt the country?

#BlackPanther is good news for Hollywood, great news for America. Regardless of the movie's shortcomings (I saw many), a film with a predominantly black cast won overwhelming enthusiasm from predominantly white audiences-showing racism is not as toxic in US as activists may fear.

The desperate desire to "do something", anything, after a hideous crime is natural, inevitable, but irrational. How about taking time to do something constructive? We could start by agreeing that a troubled 18 yr old like Cruz should never get legal access to an AR15.

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