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Alexander Emric Jones is an American radio show host known for broadcasting The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas. He is best known as a conservative broadcaster known for making conspiratorial remarks.
Born: February 11, 1974
Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Net Worth: $10 million (

Government Leaks File Describing ‘Remote Mind Control,’ ‘Forced Memory Blanking’ - #infowars

Members of the migrant caravan working its way up from Central America to the US border have begun to arrive - #border #USA

Peter Schiff, who predicted the 2008 recession says that inflation and interest rates are about to go up much more than expected -

President Trump took to Twitter and released a tirade of anger directed at James Comey following the release of Comey’s book and the leaking of classified memos - #Trump #SlimeballComey

Schumer is pushing for decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level as Boehner goes for the green - #420day #420 #Infowars #Cannabis

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