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So, how many critics of Donald Trump are on the agenda? I mean from the right? Democracy, debate, rah-rah right? Is George Will a conservative? If Marion Le Pen is a classical liberal, so is Jeff Flake. Is he speaking?

Maybe we should start listening more to Millennials. Great conversation with @AHardToSpell from @yvadv about his article:

#fergienationalanthem @Fergie - like all trailblazers, you did not ‘fail’, you just ‘found one way that didn’t work’. Many set out to mock our did not.U gave it your all. Risk big:win big/lose big - but risk. #homeofthebrave

I fear #JoyBehar is suffering from self imposed ignorance. It is sad to see any American claim faith is akin to ‘mental illness’. Christ teaches to love those who hate you. So, I LOVE YOU JOY. Come 4 dinner. Casual but open minds required.

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