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The GOP Establishment—They Haven’t Learned a Thing  by | Chris Salcedo 
When Reagan said of the United States, “Here the people rule. We build no
walls to keep them in, nor organize any system of police to keep them
mute,” he spoke to a fundamental truth that patriotic Americans have come
to know and embrace. The message has never gotten through to
progressive, liberal Democrats. What’s troubling is that a growing number
of the alleged opposition party seems to have developed that same
affliction of ignorance. Recent speeches or utterances by prominent
Republicans– Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and
President George W. Bush— illustrate not only how the GOP has lost its
way from its foundational underpinnings, but also how it refuses to hear the
message from the 2016 election.

As a conservative, I’ve always respected—but not always agreed
with—former President Bush; I always felt his heart was in the right place.
He was a stalwart defender of America’s national security as it pertained to
radicalized Islamic terrorism. But he worked tirelessly to undermine the
fiscal security of America with a push to import the world’s impoverished
into the U.S. Human capital is much needed in an America with a
government that embraces, FULLY, the free enterprise system. But he did
little work to remove government’s boot from the throat of our nation’s
entrepreneurs and did even less to insist the imports he was championing
assimilated into our worthy and beautiful culture.

The election of President Donald Trump put a monkey-wrench into the
globalist agenda embraced by Bush.

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