Confirm Kavanaugh

Devin Thompson

I honestly at this point believe degenerates like Dianne Feinstein, Coon, Gillibrand, and other Democrats are evil. There is no other way to look at them. They are willing to destroy a mans life, because they lost an election.

Pure and simple.

Having these women paraded around, giving them credence to uncorroborated accusations is disgusting. It will totally destroy all women to be believed of sexual assault, and especially since these women may or may not have been victims of sexual assault at all, but they are at the very least willing to destroy ANY woman’s credibility when accusing a person of harming them physically or emotionally just to stop Brett Kavanaugh. I sure will question it even more than I ever did before.

My father raised me to believe a woman, and to never question if she is lying in regards to sexual assault.  He always firmly believed it was important to first take her word, and then look at the facts.  I naively followed this up until Dianne Feinstein so disgustingly withheld information that may or may not have been known to her back in July.  See, I even question whether she was even told about this in July, or if this was just the plan all along. Use this #MeToo bullshit to shut down Trump’s appointee to the Supreme Court, but I guess I now recognize that the Democrats are willing to do whatever it takes, even using sexual assault as a weapon.

For all men out there, realize you can never talk to a woman again without having Brett Kavanaugh in your mind.  It’s been 35 years since the first accuser claims he sexually assaulted her, and now his entire life, and reputation is ruined based on zero facts.  Just the words of a radical leftist who doesn’t want an anti-abortion judge on the supreme court.  Now, we all must realize we are just the word of mouth away from a similar fate.  #ConfrimKavanaugh

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