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Rolla, Missouri

Address: Columbia, Missouri 65211
Founding Year: 1839
Acceptance rate: 75% (2015)
Total enrollment: 25,544 (2017)
AKA: Mizzou 

Mascot: Truman the Tiger  


From better batteries to improved water treatment systems and sensing applications, see how one @MizzouEngineer’s research is accelerating discoveries. #MizzouResearch 🔋⚛️

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We can't think of anyone better to ask about Move-In Day than the @MizzouResLife assistant director in charge of overseeing it! Read @StackmanBill's blog for tips on moving to @Mizzou.

We are excited to welcome the Class of 2025 at today's #WhiteCoatCeremony!

Tune in to our livestream, and watch as our #MizzouMed students take their first step toward becoming physicians:

Check out @Mizzou researcher Leslie Lyons' take on how important feline genetics are to human health via @nytimes.

#MizzouResearch #cats @MUCVM

For almost 20 years, Craig Emter has researched how to use exercise to treat heart failure. Not long ago, his expertise became personal.
#MissouriSolutions #MizzouResearch

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