The University of Missouri Live Stream 2

“Jack FM 103.1”
Rolla, Missouri

Address: Columbia, Missouri 65211
Founding Year: 1839
Acceptance rate: 75% (2015)
Total enrollment: 25,544 (2017)
AKA: Mizzou 

Mascot: Truman the Tiger  


“Infinite hope is grounded in a love. A kind of love that is unconditional.” At the virtual event “Infinite Hope: The Power and Possibilities of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Vision” at 4:30 p.m. Jan. 26, we’ll explore King’s message of hope & possibility.

Congratulations to @mizzouengineer's Matthias Young on winning the @AVS_Members top investigator award! #MizzouMade

The University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) is collaborating with @adacap_news to provide a key ingredient in a therapy for certain types of cancerous tumors. #MizzouResearch #MissouriSolutions

Don't forget to download and fill out the #CampusClear daily symptom monitoring mobile app. It is required to enter certain facilities on #Mizzou's campus. #TigersSupportTigers by having it filled out prior to coming to campus. #TigersStayConnected

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