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Rolla, Missouri

Address: Columbia, Missouri 65211
Founding Year: 1839
Acceptance rate: 75% (2015)
Total enrollment: 25,544 (2017)
AKA: Mizzou 

Mascot: Truman the Tiger  


“You have served with incredible passion and sacrifice. I’m incredibly honored to celebrate you today.”

President Mun Choi and the entire #Mizzou community are grateful for our #MUHealthCareHeroes. Here are five ways YOU can help say thanks:

This week, #Mizzou undergraduate researchers in @MizzouAandS, @cafnr, @mizzouengineer, @mumedicine & @MizzouEducation are showcasing their work during the Undergraduate Research Day virtual event. #UMUndergradResearch #MizzouResearch

See their projects:

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