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“Eagle 98.1”
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Address: Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Founding Year: 1860
Acceptance rate: 77% (2015)
Total enrollment: 27,287 (2015)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 10,758 USD (2016)
AKA: Louisiana State University

Mascot: Mike the Tiger, Mike VII  


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Congrats to LSU Alumni, SSG Christopher Watkins with the US Army Herald Trumpets and Julie Giroux for her Integrity Fanfare and March, performed by the President's Own Marine Band for the historic introduction of VP Kamala Harris. LSU salutes you with immense admiration and pride

A little more than a year ago, our Manship School family spent 10 days attending presidential campaign events across Iowa, as part of our Iowa of the Tiger program. Our students & faculty met our now 46th president of the United States, President Joe Biden. #InaugurationDay

LSU Special Collections houses an invitation and other memorabilia from the first #inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In his inaugural address (during the peak of the Great Depression), FDR spoke the infamous words “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 1/3

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