The University of Kentucky

“CBS Sports Radio 1270”
Columbia, Kentucky

Address: Lexington, Kentucky 40506
Founding Year: 1865
Acceptance rate: 91% (2015)
Total enrollment: 22,244 (2017)
AKA: Wildcats 

Mascot: Scratch  


.@Toyota's $1.7 million investment will be used to establish and support the Toyota Engineering Technology Diversity Scholarship Fund, providing annual scholarships for students from UK, @uofl and @bluegrassctc.

Today is One Day for UK – our annual day of giving!

Throughout the one-day fundraising campaign, we encourage the UK community to give to the college, program or cause of their choice.

Read more and learn how to donate:

As we work to support one another — especially our students of color — we are creating two intentional opportunities for students to gather to be together and process today’s events:

A jury is about to deliver a verdict in the killing last summer of George Floyd. Irrespective of this case’s resolution, we have been reminded, repeatedly, that so much pain remains unresolved.

Read @UKYpres message to campus:

A @NearSpaceCorp balloon flight provided suborbital testing for a small payload delivery system from @universityofky supported by NASA Flight Opportunities. The small capsule could be used to carry sensors & small research payloads from orbit back to 🌍

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