The University of Kentucky

“CBS Sports Radio 1270”
Columbia, Kentucky

Address: Lexington, Kentucky 40506
Founding Year: 1865
Acceptance rate: 91% (2015)
Total enrollment: 22,244 (2017)
AKA: Wildcats 

Mascot: Scratch  


“The diabetes educators definitely changed my life. Without them, I can't say that I would be able to live like I do.” – @dillon_marsh22 @UKBaseball

"This campus fills me with hope."

ICYMI: @UKYpres invites the campus community to help create an inclusive space for all voices at UK. #UKYBetterTogether

UK's statement in response to a lawsuit against removing the controversial Memorial Hall mural. ↓

"My deepest hope is that we proceed with a renewed and awakened faith in what our world can look like when we ask ourselves how we can do better – be better – for our brothers and sisters." - @UKYpres

Our next steps in diversity, equity and inclusion:

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