Mississippi State Live Stream 2

WCJU 104.9FM
“Cool 104.9”
Columbia, Mississippi

Address: 75 B. S. Hood Road, Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762
Founding Year: 1801
Website: https://www.msstate.edu
Acceptance rate: 56%
Total enrollment: 17,371 (2017)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 11,454 USD (2016), Out-of-state tuition: 30,882 USD (2016)

Mascot: Bully  


Maroon Friday’s registration opened this morning! Tap on the link below to read more about what Maroon Friday’s will offer you and how to register. http://goto.msstate.edu/portal/maroon-fridays #hailstate

#HeresMyWhy “I teach a course with an enrollment that can exceed 250 students. Not only will the COVID vaccine be a protective measure for myself, it’ll help prevent possible infection of my students,” says David Peebles, MSU Poultry Science Professor. Be safe. Be Cowbell WELL.

Excited to announce both @hailstatembk and @hailstatewbk are partnering with Coaching for Literacy to promote childhood reading at this week's home games.

#HailState🐶 | #Fight4Literacy


We have a great lineup of FREE online workshops this week! Be sure to register and take advantage of these opportunities, including today’s “Communicating your Scholarship with the World,” “Mail Merge,” and “Introduction to Zotero.” https://www.msstate.edu/events

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