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Birmingham, Alabama

Address: Auburn, Alabama 36849
Founding Year: 1859
Acceptance rate: 77.7% (2016)
Total enrollment: 27,287 (2015)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 10,968 USD (2017), Out-of-state tuition: 29,640 USD (2017) 

Mascot: Aubie the Tiger  


U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia Lynda C. Blanchard heard about #Auburn’s expertise in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence on a return visit Friday to her alma mater.

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#Auburn's Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification recognizes our outreach efforts #WarEagle

🩺Students from health-related disciplines, including @AUHSOP & @AUNursing1979, are collaborating+serving others at the Boykin Community Center!


🚨 Know before you go 🚨

With a lot of events happening this weekend, be sure to stay up to date on the latest parking information!


FRI-YAY: Our E2 students have been accepted to soar into the EAGLES Advanced Program!! The Advanced Program is an additional two years at Auburn that focuses on independent living skills. We are so proud of our students! War Eagle! #FRIYAY #EAGLES #ourwarEAGLEstory


🌌Melissa Halford, a lecturer in #Auburn's Physics Department, comments on recent reports of repeating radio signals that are coming from outside of our galaxy.

Her #ExpertAnswer:

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