Auburn University

WELR 102.3FM
“Eagle 102.3”
Roanoke, Alabama

Address: Auburn, Alabama 36849
Founding Year: 1859
Acceptance rate: 77.7% (2016)
Total enrollment: 27,287 (2015)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: In-state tuition: 10,968 USD (2017), Out-of-state tuition: 29,640 USD (2017) 

Mascot: Aubie the Tiger  


The Alabama Senate unanimously confirmed Tim Vines as an at-large member of the Auburn University Board of Trustees to fulfill the unexpired term of @SecDef.



.@RepMcCaul and @JimLangevin will join us on Thursday, April 15 for a conversation on the significance of the Cyber Diplomacy Act and how the cyber portfolio would be elevated within the State Department.

Learn more and register for the event below.

🩺@AUMedClinic Director Fred Kam offers his weekly update about COVID-19 and the campus’ latest data.


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