The University of Arkansas

KFAY 1030AM *FLAGSHIP* Station
“Newstalk 1030”
Farmington/Fayetteville, Arkansas

Address: Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Founding Year: 1871
Acceptance rate: 62% (2014)
Total enrollment: 27,558 (2017)
Colors: White, Cardinal

Mascot: Tusk, Big Red  


Capt. Kathryn Huddler will retire from UAPD (@UARKPD) after serving for nearly 25 years in a multitude of roles. #uark

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A new report by a scientists including #UARK paleontologist Celina Suarez indicates the fearsome tyrannosaur dinosaurs may not have been solitary predators as popularly envisioned, but social carnivores. @BLMNational @DenverMuseumNS @ColbyCollege @jcu

Mike Bieker has been promoted to assistant vice chancellor, director of operations and finance, in the Division of Research and Innovation. #uark

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The City of Fayetteville (@FYVgov) officially renamed two city streets for local war hero Leroy Pond and former Razorback men’s basketball coach Nolan Richardson. #uark

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