The University of Arkansas

KFAY 1030AM *FLAGSHIP* Station
“Newstalk 1030”
Farmington/Fayetteville, Arkansas

Address: Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Founding Year: 1871
Acceptance rate: 62% (2014)
Total enrollment: 27,558 (2017)
Colors: White, Cardinal

Mascot: Tusk, Big Red  


A $750,000 grant from @ENERGY to investigate the chemical and electronic structure of iron and oxygen atoms supports research to improve battery materials, water electrolysis, polymer recycling and water treatment.


Expedition finds that holes in the Greenland ice sheet, called moulins, are much larger than previously thought, according to a new study based on observation and first-hand exploration by a team including Matt Covington, a #UARK geologist.

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Wash Your Hands! Kristen Gibson, associate professor of food safety and microbiology, explains how soap destroys coronavirus in this episode of Short Talks from the Hill, a research podcast from #UARK.

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