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Seattle, Washington

Address: Seattle, Washington
Founding Year: 1861
Acceptance Rate: 45%
Undergraduate enrollment: 29,831 (2016–17)

Mascot: Harry the Husky and Dubs (dog) 


We don’t mean to bug you, but you really should check out this tiny insect robot built by @UW researchers. It navigates obstacles using a wireless, low-power vision system described in a new paper published today in @SciRobotics 🪲 #WednesdayMotivation

Anu Taranth, a principal lecturer of English and @CHIDatUW, is quoted in this @NatGeo article about whether travel really leads to empathy:
@UW 📸: @GettyImages

Researchers have developed a tiny wireless steerable camera that can ride aboard an insect. New research published today in @SciRobotics

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Beetle juiced: @UW researchers build tiny robotic camera that can attach to the back of an insect via @GeekWire

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