UCLA Live Stream 2

“The Fan”
San Diego, California

Address: Los Angeles, California 90095
Founding Year: 1919
Website: http://www.ucla.edu
Acceptance rate: 18%
Undergraduate enrollment: 30,859
AKA: University of California, Los Angeles

Mascot: Joe and Josephine Bruin


Even the smallest actions make a difference. If you are a UCLA student, post a short video sharing your pledge for the conservation of our planet for a chance to meet Dr. Jane Goodall. Full contest guidelines: https://ucla.in/37398u9. #UCLAforJane #UCLACollege #UCLA100

A visionary in assemblage, Betye Saar’s unique blend of surreal imagery with folk art aesthetic made her a legend in the contemporary art world.

A political activist, Saar helped usher in second wave-feminism and the Black Arts Movement.

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