Stanford University Live Stream 3

“Absolute Annoyance”
Stanford, California

Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, California 94305
Founding Year: 1891
Acceptance rate: 5%
Undergraduate enrollment: 16,424

Mascot: Stanford Tree


Are businesses hurt when workers take time off with pay to care for a child or ailing family member? The answer is no, according to new research by @SIEPR's @maya_rossin.

Children of married couples have significant, lifelong advantages over those born to unwed mothers — but not where marriage itself has lost its normative status, new research shows.

Congratulations to Stanford juniors Sadie Blancaflor and Nick Hakes, who have been named 2021 Truman Scholars.

In the first large-scale study examining the full extent of Zoom fatigue, Stanford researchers find that women report feeling more exhausted than men following video calls – and the “self-view” display may be to blame.

.@StanfordMed researchers have identified 76 genetic regions that affect both face and brain shape in the human population.

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