Stanford University Live Stream 2

“Absolute Annoyance”
Stanford, California

Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, California 94305
Founding Year: 1891
Acceptance rate: 5%
Undergraduate enrollment: 16,424

Mascot: Stanford Tree


.@StanfordGSB alumna Mary Jane Elmore was one of the first women to make partner at a U.S. venture firm. She joined author @JulianGuthrie to discuss gender and Silicon Valley on the @StanfordLaw podcast:

A new research complex, bringing together @Stanford_ChEMH and @StanfordBrain, will be accessible to the whole university community, allowing experts from different disciplines to work together in advancing human health.

“We see the 10% of narcissists that succeeded and call them visionaries. We’re not looking at the 90% who flamed out and caused irreparable damage." -@StanfordGSB Prof. Charles O’Reilly

Nicholas Bloom's World Uncertainty Index provides the broadest assessment tool yet of a global state of mind for 143 countries. Its current readings, reflecting the U.S. trade war and #Brexit, foreshadow a significant hit to global economic growth.

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