Stanford University

“Absolute Annoyance”
Stanford, California

Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, California 94305
Founding Year: 1891
Acceptance rate: 5%
Undergraduate enrollment: 16,424

Mascot: Stanford Tree


Stanford researchers examined the 250 top-grossing American movies of recent decades and found the on-screen foods and beverages largely failed U.S. government nutrition recommendations and U.K. youth advertising standards.

Bing Concert Hall.

@StanfordLive's 2020 digital season continues, with upcoming performances by Vân Ánh (Vanessa) Võ, @ChanticleerSF and @marcus_shelby:

Stanford’s makerspaces have found innovative ways to continue serving their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re not very good at predicting our own behavior—sometimes seeing a gap between what we intend to do and what we actually do. But what if our brains could predict the activity of other brains? Well, according to neuroscientific research, they can.

A generous gift from alumnus Evan Spiegel, ’12, and his family will create a permanent source of funding for Stanford's Black Community Services Center and Ujamaa House.

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