Stanford University

“Absolute Annoyance”
Stanford, California

Address: 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, California 94305
Founding Year: 1891
Acceptance rate: 5%
Undergraduate enrollment: 16,424

Mascot: Stanford Tree


Researchers are helping create evidence-driven solutions to social problems through Stanford's "impact labs."

Machine learning generates far more carbon emissions than most people realize. A Stanford team has developed a tool to measure the hidden cost:

Social justice, inequality and poverty, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and anti-discrimination law are just some of the class topics @StanfordOnline is offering to the general public for free or at low cost this summer.

Stanford researchers are developing a new insulin formulation that begins to take effect almost immediately upon injection.

Where do you find solace and grace? A window into the minds of six @StanfordHumSci professors as they navigate anxious times:

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