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A June 2017 paper by Jonathan Pritchard and colleagues, describing the “omnigenic” model of complex traits, sparked immediate controversy -- and also had many nodding in cautious agreement.

In his posthumously published memoir, 'The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist', Ben Barres documents his remarkable life story.

"Once you start online dating, you realize it's just all economics." @StanfordGSB professor @pauloyer on "The Future of Everything":

A parasitic fungus that grows wild throughout the Himalayas and sells for more than its weight in gold could vanish if current harvesting and climate trends continue.

"An unstoppable force of nature, unfazed by headwinds, managing to will all of us onwards and upwards: this was Ben Barres." @NatureNews highlights "The Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist," published posthumously by @mitpress:

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