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Stanford researchers invited study participants to clean dishes with a "smart" faucet that would adapt to their washing style. (Except the sink’s motion sensor was actually a camera and the #AI was a hidden human—shhhh.)

Unemployment is at a low in California, and yet 46% of the state's children live in or near #poverty. "If traditional growth & employment metrics don’t seem to tell the whole story, we should replace them with measures that do," Stanford researchers write.

Atomically thin materials developed by Stanford researchers could create heat-shields for cell phones or laptops that would protect people and temperature-sensitive components and make future electronic gadgets even more compact.

What explains the "breathtakingly immoral" inaction on #climatechange? The nature of empathy, Jamil Zaki says: "Our caring instincts are shortsighted & dissolve across space & time, making it harder for us to deal with things that haven’t happened yet."

Heterosexual couples are now more likely to meet a romantic partner online than through personal contacts and connections, Stanford's Michael Rosenfeld has found.

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