Oregon State University

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Bend, Oregon

Address: 1500 SW Chandler Ave, Bend, OR 97702
Founding Year: 1868
Website: https://oregonstate.edu
Total Alumni: 180,000

Mascot: Benny Beaver


We ask all members of our community to pause and reflect on the senseless taking of George Floyd’s life.

Please join us for a “Humanity and Hope” gathering today at 5:30 p.m. on the Corvallis Campus’s Memorial Union Quad.

Watch live: http://beav.es/3or

Who knew describing your Ph.D. research through interpretive dance was a thing?

Heather Masson-Forsythe, a fifth-year graduate student in the College of Science, recently won first place in the COVID-19 category at the annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest.


We believe in protecting our community. By getting vaccinated — and following the latest public health guidelines — we can all do our part.

“World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency” outlines a plan for the massive action needed to address the #ClimateEmergency.

🔗: http://bit.ly/2Qmgt5q

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