University of California (Berkeley) Live Stream 2

“Sports Radio 970”
Modesto, California

Address: Berkeley, California
Founding Year: 1868
Acceptance rate: 17%
Undergraduate enrollment: 30,853 (2018)

Mascot: Oski 


Donation from PMPTech helps finance construction of Heathcock Hall @UCB_Chemistry @dailycal

"Public health must move forward with the lives of the victims of police violence in mind. We must research in their names, teach in their names, serve our communities in their names, and change our nation and the world in their names." @UCBerkeley

"This case is really an inflection point. Will we move into a future where Black lives really do matter or don't matter? The police are the tip of that sphere," says @oandbinstitute director @profjohnapowell.

"I think that when we have the opportunity to make a contribution to society right away, we should just do that." — Professor Fenyong Liu @UCBerkeleySPH
#BerkeleyFaculty #FiatLux 🌟

Catherine Koshland is new interim executive vice chancellor and provost. 💫

Koshland worked closely with Alivisatos to find approaches that would help undergraduates become true members of the research community.

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