University of California (Berkeley) Live Stream 2

“Sports Radio 970”
Modesto, California

Address: Berkeley, California
Founding Year: 1868
Acceptance rate: 17%
Undergraduate enrollment: 30,853 (2018)

Mascot: Oski 


Congratulations, @GOAnand! 👏 @ucbsoj

Chancellor Christ took questions on everything from P/NP grade requirements, tuition refunds and spring break, to her reaction to this year’s double Nobel prize win. 🏆🏆#RedditAMA @reddit_AMA

“Is it volcanic activity, or gas that sublimates from the icy surface when Io is in sunlight? What we show is that, actually, #volcanoes do have a large impact on the atmosphere.“ #BerkeleyResearch #space

The archives, like all social movements in history, didn’t just happen — they took immense dedication and perseverance by activists on the campus to make them a reality. #DisabilityRights @UCBerkeleyLib

California bail reform measure would release more people, sooner #BerkeleyResearch @CAPolicyLab #Prop25 #Election2020

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