University of California (Berkeley) Live Stream 2

“Sports Radio 970”
Modesto, California

Address: Berkeley, California
Founding Year: 1868
Acceptance rate: 17%
Undergraduate enrollment: 30,853 (2018)

Mascot: Oski 


Major @frontlinepbs and @AP investigation on mass confinement of migrant children—produced by @ucbsoj alums & current students— airs tonight on @pbs: #proud @ucberkeley

"Isn't it so fascinating that the simple act of drawing a line on a map can transform the way we see and experience the world?"

Dept of Arch Chair Ronald Rael explores the border fence in El Paso imagining ways to transgress it in the docu "Borderlands"

Via @latimes: #SCOTUS heard oral arguments today to decide whether to unravel #DACA, which temporarily protects some 700,000 of these young people, including UC students and alum. #HomeisHere #UC4DACA

Join Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and @gibsondunn partner Ethan Dettmer, key members of the #SCOTUS #DACA litigation team, in a discussion about the history of the litigation and today's oral argument | Monday 11/18 1-2pm Rm 110

"The undocumented community is feeling a lot of uncertainty — that’s what our students have to experience on the day-to-day. We’re taking it moment by moment. We’re not going to wait for things to happen; we’re going to make things happen.” #DACA #UCisHome

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