University of California (Berkeley)

“Angels Radio”
Orange, California

Address: Berkeley, California
Founding Year: 1868
Acceptance rate: 17%
Undergraduate enrollment: 30,853 (2018)

Mascot: Oski 


Dean Chemerinsky #oped on recent Ann Coulter appearance at @UCBerkeley: "A campus must be a place where all ideas and views can be expressed."

How can we design a more just tax system? Tune in to this episode of #TalkPolicytoMe with @UCBerkeley economist @gabriel_zucman to find out. #policyispersonal @GoldmanSchool

Happy birthday, Rita Moreno! 🎉

Moreno, who spoke at @UCBerkeley’s Luncheon in the Library in 2015:

✅ Is the first Latina to win an Oscar
✅ Is the third person to win an EGOT
✅ Starred in a one-woman show at @berkeleyrep
✅ Calls Berkeley home

📸: Peg Skorpinski

Heat energy, in the form of molecular vibrations, can flow from a hot membrane to a cold membrane even in a complete vacuum! This is possible because everything in the universe is connected by invisible quantum fluctuations. 🌡️ #BerkeleyResearch

'Adulting' is hard. UC Berkeley has a class for that

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