Old Dominion University Live Stream 2-2

“The Answer”
Chester, Virginia

Address: 5115 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, Virginia 23529
Founding Year: 1930
Website: https://www.odu.edu
Acceptance rate: 85% (2017)
Total enrollment: 19,606 (2017)

Mascot: Big Blue  


Calling all @ODU students for Jan. 25th!
1.) Men’s Basketball game 🏀
2.) FREE t-shirts
3.) pack the house in blue and white 🔵⚪️
#ODUSports #ReignOn @ODUSports @ODU

The Barry Art Museum’s first temporary exhibition, Joan Thorne (@ColorLight3): “Light, Layers, Insight” is opening on Feb. 1. Admission is free and open to the public. Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/3aCQmwN #BarryArtMuseum

In the early stages of her career, Joan Thorne's approach was physically direct. To create “Graw” (1974), Thorne would lay a huge swatch of canvas on the floor and "dance" around it in Jackson Pollock-fashion. It will be on display starting Feb. 1 at #BarryArtMuseum.

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