Middle Tennessee State University Live Stream 3

“Good Neighbor News Radio”
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Address: 1301 E Main St, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132
Founding Year: 1911
Website: https://www.mtsu.edu
Acceptance rate: 69% (2017)
Total enrollment: 18,998 (2017)

Mascot: Lightning  


Throughout the pandemic, @MTSUNews has continued to take care of their most important assets: their students.

With the help of their alumni, several funds were set up to help students during these difficult times.

#Preds | #PredsPartner


Was just watching MTSU President Dr McPhee discuss on TV 📺 how well @MTSU pivoted in March with the 🦠 in a forum with President Trump, thanks 🙏🏽 for your leadership @PresidentMcPhee #Trueblue

Charlie’s legacy will live on at @MTSU for years to come. #TrueBlue


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