Middle Tennessee State University Live Stream 2

WPRT 102.5FM
“102.5 The Game”
Nashville, Tennessee

Address: 1301 E Main St, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132
Founding Year: 1911
Website: https://www.mtsu.edu
Acceptance rate: 69% (2017)
Total enrollment: 18,998 (2017)

Mascot: Lightning  


In 1975, The Charlie Daniels Band performed their legendary Volunteer Jams at @MTSU's Murphy Center. We have a copy of the dvd in our collections.

Charlie Daniels died this morning at the age of 83.


“Our goal is to have Americans better understand the scope and impact of the First Amendment and never take it for granted.” - Ken Paulson, director of the Free Speech Center in MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment

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