Texas Christian University

“The Choice”
Fort Worth, Texas

Address: 2800 S University Dr, Fort Worth, Texas 76129
Founding Year: 1873
Website: http://www.tcu.edu
Acceptance rate: 43% (2015)
Total enrollment: 10,394 (2018)
Estimated Cost: $55,630 (2018)

Mascot: Horned Frog  


Emma Hodcroft '08 is leading the charge to understand the novel #coronavirus. She says the coming warmer weather may slow the spread, but that doesn’t mean it’s contained. https://buff.ly/2v5asQq

These @TCU professors are learning how human trafficking hides behind unassuming American massage parlors. https://buff.ly/2vW1wwN

These little guys go by many names: phrynosoma, horny toad, horntoads, horned lizards, but we know them as the horned frogs. They might be small, but they’re mighty – just like us!

Take a look around the new Spencer and Marlene Hays Business Commons. This is a space where our business students will create unforgettable experiences and explore bold ideas, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it all happen! @NeeleySchoolTCU #LeadOnTCU

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