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“The News & Talk of Lawrence”
Lawrence, Kansas

Address: 1450 Jayhawk Blvd, Lawrence, Kansas 66045
Founding Year: 1866
Acceptance rate: 93% (2015)
Total enrollment: 18,784 (2016)

Mascot: Jayhawks  


A snake that had been part of the herpetology collection at KU’s Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum since 2006 has suddenly taken center stage — a KU graduate student has discovered it's both a new genus and a new species.

Want to know more about our first vice president of color? @kent_blansett will be talking Charles Curtis on @CBSNews TOMORROW MORNING around 7:30 a.m. CT. Thanks, @tdcuse, for the opportunity!

A 2020 @MusicKU study is still getting play with music-lovers and media alike. @ClassicFM highlights #KUdiscoveries about the connection between musical and academic achievement.

The U.S. free speech tradition differs from those elsewhere. Disagreements are likely when the largest arbiters of speech today — social media platforms — are almost exclusively controlled by U.S. companies. #KUdiscoveries
@KUJournalism @KUlawschool

Have you seen today's Google Doodle? CNN notes there is believed to be only one audio recording of Naismith, which was discovered by @UnivOfKansas prof Michael Zogry. Read more from @ByJillMartin and @JohnSinnott. #KUdiscoveries @SmithHallKU @KUCollege

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