The University of Kansas

“Sportsradio 810”
Kansas City, Missouri

Address: 1450 Jayhawk Blvd, Lawrence, Kansas 66045
Founding Year: 1866
Acceptance rate: 93% (2015)
Total enrollment: 18,784 (2016)

Mascot: Jayhawks  


Psychology expert Alex Williams of @KUEdwardsCampus writes about #KUdiscoveries that call into question evidence-based practices.

Sexuality for aging populations doesn’t have to be scary, taboo or handled with fear, says @KUSocialWelfare prof Sarah Jen. She is researching the policies, practices and staff trainings facilities have on the topic. #KUdiscoveries

What's the difference between a casual friend and a close friend? Research from @KUCommStudies professor Jeffrey Hall suggests that it has much to do with the number of hours you've spent together. ⏰ @Inc

In 2000, one scholar called it a myth that communication tech would reduce our amount of personal travel. 20 years later, that idea remains a myth, says @KUSPAA transportation expert @NiteTrainLane4. #TechTuesday #KUdiscoveries

“We’re focused on how we can support options & opportunities for people w/ disabilities to maintain their rights & guide their own decisions leading to enhanced self-determination,” Shogren said.


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