Purdue University Live Stream 3

“Lafayette’s #1 Hit Music Station”
Lafayette, Indiana

Address: 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
Founding Year: 1869
Website: https://www.purdue.edu
Full Time Students: 30,233 (2016)

Mascot: Purdue Pete


Tyler Mantel is a 2013 Purdue graduate with degrees in mechanical and chemical engineering. Mantel helped create The Ventilator Project https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2020/03/30/coronavirus-purdue-graduate-tyler-mantel-tackling-ventilator-shortage/2938182001/

Through persistence and determination, #Purdue graduate Elwood Mead helped make the Hoover Dam a reality. #PurduePersistence #PurdueUniversity #TheNextGiantLeap https://youtu.be/GH_vR5uimd0

A Purdue sunset signals the end of another day and the potential start of #TheNextGiantLeap. #PurdueUniversity Photo: @Pinolaphoto

Now is the perfect time to take up at-home yoga: Valerie Knopik with @PurdueHHS says that yoga can shift our focus from what we can't control to what we can. #PurdueFaculty via @yahoolifestyle https://purdue.university/3auigdM

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