THE Ohio State University Live Stream 2

“The Fan”
Columbus, Ohio

Address: Columbus, Ohio
Founding Year: 1870
Full Time Students: 59,837 (2017)

Mascot: Brutus


The smallest actions can make the biggest differences. Let's keep our loved ones safe and healthy, #TogetherAsBuckeyes. ❤️ #HomeAndHealthyForTheHolidays

We have the power to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as we head home for the holidays. ❤️ #TogetherAsBuckeyes, let's keep our families safe and healthy by following these guidelines. #HomeAndHealthyForTheHolidays

Tomorrow is the last day students can get tested for #COVID19 before leaving for winter break. Let's do our part to keep our family and friends safe this holiday season, #TogetherAsBuckeyes. #HomeAndHealthyForTheHolidays

On what has historically been the week of The Ga❌e, ❌ask up to show your Buckeye spirit and ensure our student-athletes still have a chance to defeat ❌ichigan. ⭕🙌#TogetherAsBuckeyes

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