Northwestern University

Northwestern University
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Chicago, Illinois

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Northwestern University
Address: 633 Clark St, Evanston, Illinois 60208
Founding Year: 1850
Full Time Students: 8,576 (2016)

Mascot: Willie the Wildcat


Depression during and after #pregnancy affects 1 in 7 women and can increase a woman’s risk of becoming suicidal or harming her infant, but, it can be prevented, via @nytimes.

In every introductory #economics class, you learn that demand is driven by market forces. #Wine, however, is guided by artistic vision. #KelloggInsight

Northwestern researchers developed the tricorder of art conservation tools (yes, that's a @StarTrek reference). The app detects, maps and monitors "art acne" on priceless works of art, like Georgia O'Keeffe's.

.@AMTPatNU presents three workshop performances, including “The Girl Who," a choose-your-own-adventure story, “Get Out Alive," a multimedia theatrical event and “Finn the Fearless," a southern tall tale.

Nearly all of Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings are infected with "art acne." Northwestern researchers are using pocket-sized technology to diagnose and help save the O'Keeffes.

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