The University of Nebraska Live Stream 2

“Newstalk 1400 / 94.5”
Lincoln, Nebraska

Address: 1400 R Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588
Founding Year: 1869
Full Time Students: 20,182 (2016)

Mascot: Herbie Husker


Imagine a helicopter blade that can de-ice itself. Or metal that absorbs light and converts it into enough energy to power a Navy ship. See how Christos Argyropoulus' research could make this all possible. ›› #NUforNE #InOurGritOurGlory

In the @UNLincoln community, Huskers look out for one another. If you see something that's a problem, say something. For campus resources, visit:

In 1884, Botanist Charles Bessey joined the faculty. His vision of the importance of translating science to practice (forming the basis of @UNLExtension) and popularity as a teacher changed the direction of the university. He served three times as interim chancellor. #N150 #UNL

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