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Address: 901 West Illinois Street, Urbana, Illinois
Founding Year: 1867
Full Time Students: 47,000+ (2017)

Mascot: Chief Illiniwek


Congratulations to our new Dean's List recipients, Bronze Tablet honorees and #ILLINOIS2020 graduates!

🔸 13,183 Dean’s List recipients
🔹 238 Bronze Tablet honorees
🔸 9,000+ graduates in May 2020

Despite being one of the younger iMBA students, Jenn Hart said action learning courses made her become more confident about leading a group older than herself. She also saw how working with on diverse teams made each experience richer.

More with Jenn:

#ILLINOIS alumna and gold Paralympic medalist Tatyana McFadden will make her Netflix debut on August 26 in a Netflix Original Documentary, Rising Phoenix.

Featuring Paralympians from across the world, Rising Phoenix tells the extraordinary story of the Paralympic Games.

In the newest episode of "Our Global Campus," Jeongeun, a junior in chemistry, describes her journey as an international student.

While we cannot travel freely now, the #ILLINOIS family is global, and we can always support and learn from each other.


Optimizing wind turbine efficiency can save millions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
ISE doctoral student Lucas Buccafusca is helping make it happen.
He is on this episode of the #ILLINOIS Innovators podcast 🔊

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