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Virginia Tech
Address: Blacksburg, VA 24061
Founding Year: 1872
Acceptance rate: 73% (2017)

Mascot: Hokie Bird


Congratulations to a team of @VTEngineering @VTGradCommunity students who just won an international championship for their rear-end collision safety feature! 👏 🚗 #MakingRoadsSafer

With lots of construction gearing up on the @virginia_tech campus by @VTFacilities it's a good idea to bookmark this map of ALL the traffic and pedestrian impacts on campus:

#MeetaHokie: Adanna Dube 👋 Medical complications caused Adanna to take a break from high school, but that didn't stop her hard work and it didn't stop 70 colleges from offering her acceptance. 🤯

Spoiler alert: She chose #VirginiaTech! 🙌 🦃 1️⃣

🎶.@vt_cnre started the fire 🔥
but it was a controlled burn(ing) 👌
to protect 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and 🌳 and keep the world turning 🎶

Learn how CNRE Hokies are working to prevent naturally occurring fires in this @VT_Mag story 👉

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