Virginia Tech

WBRW 105.3FM
“The Bear”
Blacksburg, Virginia

Address: Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Founding Year: 1872
Acceptance rate: 73% (2017)

Mascot: Hokie Bird


If you tested positive for #COVID19 and have no symptoms, stay home and away from other people. Learn more about CDC’s recommendations about when you can be around others after COVID-19 infection:

#VirginiaTech has developed a comprehensive testing, tracing, & case management plan in coordination with @SchiffertHealth & @VDHGov to mitigate the spread of #COVID19. This is based on the most recent public health info & may be modified, as necessary.

What can past social and political protests teach us about the Black Lives Matter movement? @virginia_tech experts will provide insights during this @VT_History teach-in TODAY at noon

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