The University of Virginia Live Stream 2

“Everything That Rocks”
Charlottesville, Virginia

Address: Charlottesville, Virginia
Founding Year: 1819
Acceptance rate: 30% (2015)

Mascot: Cavalier


The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 visit to the University of Virginia was the result of a small-but-determined group of students fighting an uphill battle for racial equality at a time when the nation was deeply divided. #MLKDay

On March 25, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited the University of Virginia and gave a resounding speech at Cabell Hall. Today, we review some local articles about his visit to Charlottesville. #MLKDay2021 #UVACommunityMLK

Jacob Shapero, an economics major and a graduate student in @UVABatten, has learned to “embrace the suck” of difficult assignments.

Alumni Brandon Wooten, Brad Uhl and Dan FitzHenry talk about how they got started, their approach to business and how their time at UVA shaped them.

No single national blueprint for vaccine distribution presently exists. In Virginia, the Virginia Department of Health is charged with distributing vaccines, and it also determines priority for vaccinations.

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