The University of North Carolina Live Stream 2

“Martinsville, Virginia”
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Address: Chapel Hill, NC
Founding Year: 1795
Acceptance rate: 26% (2016)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 8,898 USD (2017)
Total enrollment: 29,469 (2017)

Mascot: Rameses


🎧 On this week's "Well Said," we speak with @UNCHussman's Paul Cuadros to hear about his involvement with Los Jets in Siler City and how the soccer team has influenced him — and #UNC's campus

Our campus recently experienced two disturbing incidents that impacted our community. Please read my statement on our campus safety efforts:

Today we announced the The Carolina Student Excellence Program (C-STEP)! Guarantees transfer admission to @UNC for students who earn an associates degree and successfully complete the C-STEP program at @RichmondCCedu! #RichmondCC #UNC


We love bragging about #UNC students! Click "Show this thread" to meet three Tar Heels who make it a #GDTBATH by turning their passions into pursuits that help others 🐏

What would you go back and change, knowing what you know now? How about the internet?

#UNC researchers are leading the charge to develop and test a new architecture that could enable a faster, more secure internet 🌐

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