The University of Notre Dame Live Stream 2

“ESPN Radio 1000”
Chicago, Illinois

Address: Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Founding Year: 1842
Acceptance rate: 20% (2015)

Mascot: Leprechaun


“I know some Chesterton scholars who ... are awaiting the grand opening. To think that I didn’t even have to wait for that is incredible.”

#ND2020 Valedictorian Brady Stiller was the first researcher to access the @ChestertonND Collection at @UNDLondon:

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Ruilan Guo is working to discover the scientific breakthroughs that will vastly improve the way industries desalinate water, build hydrogen fuel cells and purify natural gas.

@NDBios' Jason Rohr's proposal to help solve food, water and energy crises in Africa was recently selected by MBA students at @ColumbiaSocEnt as a finalist for an additional $100k grant from @RockPhilanth and @LeverforChange:

Tonight (Tues, 5/26)! How do we measure the distance to space-borne objects? Learn about the challenges at 7 ET in this online Our Universe Revealed event. Link to the event is here:

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