The University of Notre Dame Live Stream 2

“ESPN Radio 1000”
Chicago, Illinois

Address: Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Founding Year: 1842
Acceptance rate: 20% (2015)

Mascot: Leprechaun


The @FightingIrish will be well represented when the world’s eyes are on #Tokyo2020 for the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

The most Notre Dame Olympians in a single Games are ready to compete for 7 countries in 5 different sports!

For Notre Dame students studying in Jerusalem, sacred places become part of the curriculum as they learn that the Holy Land is about more than just the old stones.

ND Alert: This is a TEST of ND Alert, the Notre Dame emergency notification system. In the event of a real emergency, information will be provided to you by this system regarding immediate actions to take. For more information, visit

The @NDLaw Exoneration Justice Clinic celebrated its first exoneration this week when Elkhart County prosecutors dismissed a murder charge against Andy Royer, who spent 16 years in prison despite being innocent:

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