The University of Notre Dame

“CBS Sports 1430”
Indianapolis, Indiana

Address: Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Founding Year: 1842
Acceptance rate: 20% (2015)

Mascot: Leprechaun


"The mark of a good leader is not necessarily how well you do but how well the people you’ve led do in their future."

Notre Dame cadet Nicole Butler was named Army ROTC student of the year:

A home lead screening kit developed by the Notre Dame Lead Innovation Team has been shown to be highly accurate:

Theology Professor Nina Glibetić recently translated one of the oldest Glagolitic texts to exist while conducting research in Egypt.

Her discoveries may be proof that Glagolitic books were copied at St. Catharine's monastery, and not brought there:

A research proposal from Notre Dame's @rohrecologylab to address disease, food, energy and water issues reaches the Top 100 in the @macfound $100 million #100andChange competition

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