North Carolina State University

WRAL 101.5FM
“Mix 101.5”
Raleigh, North Carolina

Address: Raleigh, North Carolina 27695
Founding Year: 1887
Acceptance rate: 43.7% (2016)
Total enrollment: 34,015 (2015)
AKA: NC State

Mascot: Mr. and Mrs. Wuf


Among the class rings sleeping in the Belltower tonight are two owned by Hal Davis ‘89 and his daughter, Cassidy (@NCStateSciences ‘21). 💍

When their rings leave the Shrine Room tomorrow, the duo will be bonded with the strength of the Pack. 🐺😍


Take a look inside the Belltower's updated Shrine Room. ✨⬇️

Students are placing their class rings in this room today, where they'll stay overnight. #NCStateRing

More on the Belltower's renovations: #CampaignNCState

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