Georgia Institute of Technology

“Sports Radio 680 The Fan”
North Atlanta, Georgia

Address: North Ave NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30332
Founding Year: 1885
Full Time Students: 14,766 (2016-2017)

Mascot: Buzz


Georgia Tech's new EcoCommons adds 8 acres of green space to campus as well as 600 new and transplanted trees, thousands of new plants, and a stream that runs through the landscape – all to replicate what this area looked like before campus was here. |

Georgia Tech engineers have tested a complex fleet of drones that could be used to lift and transport packages. |

I spy with my little eye 🕑

This clock went up in the fall of 1978. Two alumni, Lindsey Smith, and Henry Claxton hung it as a prank. But, the giveaway to its origin is in its brand: Smaxton — a combination of their two last names, which is visible on the clock. 🐝

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