Georgia Institute of Technology

“Sports Radio 680 The Fan”
North Atlanta, Georgia

Address: North Ave NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30332
Founding Year: 1885
Full Time Students: 14,766 (2016-2017)

Mascot: Buzz


This is @Astro_Wheels signing off for now...

A world of thanks to @GeorgiaTech for inviting me to guest-tweet from your account!

There are several more questions from followers, and I will be answering those from my account in the coming days!

Ad Astra! 💫🚀🐝


We are on track to land on the lunar surface in 2024, with the first women and the next man!

By 2028 we will have a sustained presence in lunar orbit on “Gateway”, a resupply & refueling station and power plant.

It is a great time to join us @NASA! 💫

#SpaceJackets 🚀🐝

Our planet is breathtaking from space.

In the sunlight, an explosion of color in a vast empty sea of darkness.

In the starlight, a spellbinding canvas of light and motion.

#Earth is a fragile oasis of life. I no longer take a single moment or breath for granted.


An insatiable curiosity about the world around you is a great place to start! The very foundation to becoming an #astronaut!

Make each day count! Find something you love to do, then live your life with so much passion that people can’t take their eyes off of you!


Space is such an inhospitable environment; visually breathtaking; yet terribly unforgiving of mistakes and complacency.

Georgia Tech equipped me with the critical skills of problem solving & engineering rigor; the art & science of applying knowledge to “keep the ship sailing” 💫

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